Welcome to my page! I am an Associate Professor at the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development and the Canada Research Chair in Energy Transitions at the University of Waterloo.  I am also a CESifo Research Affiliate. I have a Ph.D. (2010) from the University of Calgary and a B.A. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Universidad de Los Andes. Prior to my current position, I was an Associate Professor in the School of Economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology (2011-2017), were I remain an Adjunct Professor. I have also been a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Global Ecology of the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University (since 2015), an Advisor for Carnegie Energy Innovation (since 2017), and a Research Associate of Harvard University‚Äôs Solar Geoengineering Research Program.

My research focuses on the interaction of energy systems, technological change, and climate policy. My most influential work examines how solar and carbon geoengineering technologies affect climate policy. My most recent work provides novel insights into the process of energy transitions by demonstrating how energy access shapes the organization of the economy in cities and how energy consumption in cities in turn pollutes the local and global environment.

My publications have appeared in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Energy and Resource Economics, Resources and Energy Economics, as well as in interdisciplinary journals such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Geosciences, Science, Economic Policy, Climatic Change Journal, Environmental Research Letter and Ecological Indicators.


Twitter: @jmorenocruz